Love Fights Back

3 Stories to Save the World

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God is love – we sing it, preach it and powerfully proclaim it, but for some people the question remains: ‘Does God really love me?’
The unequivocal answer is an emphatic ‘YES!’ answers Dr Patrick Johnson, a long-serving minister of the Gospel well-versed in Scripture, who has also been on his own faith journey and taken a long, hard look at this vital question for himself.
The question is, ‘What is God really like?’ Do the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 show Him to be an angry, vengeful God, a God to be scared of? Or do they rather portray a God we can run to, a God who longs to protect us and save us . . . a God we can trust?
This question is of crucial significance, and the correct answer to it will have eternal ramifications for your own life.

Love Fights Back

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Om forfatteren:

Dr. Patrick Johnson was born in Jamaica, but grew up in the UK. He gained a qualification in general nursing before taking up theological studies at Newbold College, where he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Religion in 1990.He graduated in January 2019 with a Doctor in theology and Ministry degree from Kings´s College London with a focus on disability and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Patrick is married to Kari, who comes from the northernmost town in the world, Hammerfest (Norway), and they have three adult children (Espen, Miriam & Christel). He has been a pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 30 years, serving both in Norway and the UK, and he is currently serving as the Ministerial Association Secretary at the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Patrick Johnson ble født på Jamaica, men vokste opp i Storbritannia. Han tok sykepleierutdannelsen før han startet på teologistudier ved Newbold College, der han fullførte mastergrad i religion i 1990. I januar 2019 forsvarte han en doktorgrad i teologi og pastoralt arbeid ved King’s College i London. Tema var nedsatte fysiske og psykiske funksjonsevner og Syvendedags Adventistkirken.
Patrick er gift med Kari, som kommer fra verdens nordligste by, Hammerfest, og de har tre voksne barn sammen: Espen, Miriam og Christel. Patrick har jobbet som pastor i Syvendedags Adventistkirken i over 30 år, både i Norge og i Storbritannia. Han er nå avdelingsleder for pastoravdelingen i Adventistkirkens Transeuropeiske divisjon.

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