Longing for God: A Bible-Prayer Journal

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The encounter with God in the Bible is life-changing. To, the God of the Bible, get to know God through His Word. However, you have to read the Bible yourself. This book shows you how to do this inconvenient steps. This Bible-reading plan leads you through the entire Bible in one year. It is designed so that you can start reading your Bible at any time. To not forget precious thoughts that come to your mind while reading the Bible, you can jot them down every day. Looking back to see what thoughts of Scripture accompanied you throughout the year is a fascinating and encouraging experience.
Through prayer and Bible study, every encounter with God plays a vital role in your life. Therefore, you will find many practical suggestions for your personal prayers. Every day there is space to write down thoughts that come to your mind while praying. The book also deals with some challenging aspects of prayer: What happens when my prayers are not fulfilled as I was hoping for? What does it mean to pray and to fast? How do I get rid of bitter feelings and grudges? How can I meaningfully praise God and develop an attitude of gratitude?
What distinguishes this Bible-prayer journal from others is the deliberate focus on God and His Word as the foundation of our relationship with Him.
The helpful suggestions in this book are intended to be spiritual impulses rather than rigid prescriptions. They will enrich your spiritual life with God and are meant to be suggestions that inspire you to try out new things in your relationship with God.
A connection with the living God of the Bible shapes and transforms your life like nothing else. Let this book be an encouraging companion as you journey to the kingdom.

The book's many features include:
-Bible reading program takes the reader through the Bible in one year.
-Space for journaling while reading through the Bible.
-A method for praying for family, friends, and needs.
-Each month's features help with a different aspect of achieving a deeper relationship with God—prayer, Bible study, Bible marking, etc.

Longing for God: A Bible-Prayer Journal

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  • ISBN: 9780816363360
  • Forfatter: Hasel, Frank M.
  • Sideantall: 352
  • Innbinding: Heftet
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Utgivelsesår: 2017
  • Produsent: Pacific Press
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