Genesis and Science

Where Is the Evidence Going?

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“Our faith is in the God of the Bible and is not dependent on scientific verification. But science has been bringing to light much new evidence that is encouraging to a Bible believer.”
All worldviews are based on one or more either assumptions. We might assume that there is a God or that there is no god, that life arose with or without intelligent design, or either that the universe came into being by itself or that God made it. None of these things, can be proved, so assumptions are always the basis of our worldview.
The problem with assumptions is that they tend to stand in the way of asking questions–questions that could alter our assumptions.
New Scientific research is testing some of the bedrock assumptions undergirding the long, held naturalistic theories of the evolutionary community.
Geological research, is accumulating evidence in favor of a biblical worldview, while the theory of biological macroevolution is facing deadly new criticism.
In Genesis and Science: Where is the Evidence Going? Leonard Brand challenges the reader to approach these polarizing subjects with an open mind and “to thoughtfully consider the options.”
Are you ready to challenge your worldview?

Genesis and Science

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