African healthy recipes

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Welcome to the continent of Africa and its cuisine from various regions. Try out tasty recipes from East, North, West and South of Central Africa, including favourites like ugali, fufu, chapati, matoke, jollof rice, injera, plantain, millet porridge and many more.
Local African foods, such as leafy vegetables like amaranth, black nightshade and pumpkin leaves, minor cereals like millet and sorghum, and traditional crops like sweet potatoes, cassava and yams are an important and highly nutritious source of food.
This book presents recipes from different parts of Africa, which are arranged according to the selected countries, from which mail foods are presented.
The recipes are all vegetarian. Therefore, as we promote the indigenous foods, we are also promoting a healthful lifestyle.
It is high time we go back to our original food and look at it from an international viewpoint. Sharing food that is acceptable to all people who come your way, is the most satisfying way of being sociable. Let us all enter the kitchen, young and old, men and women, people from all parts of the world, and enjoy food!
Remember, you are what you eat!

African healthy recipes

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Dr Tabitha Muchee is an Assosiate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Northern Caribbean, Jamaica. She has also been a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Nutrition and Dietetics department at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya. Muchee is a natural homemaker. Her children, husband, relatives and friends love her tantalizing and appetizing dishes. Her students have learned a lot from her favourite course "International foods", and it is her strong desire to share what she has been teaching her students to the world at large.

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