The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism

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In 1922 Adventism was under siege. At the ideological crossroads were the fundamentalists, firmly dedicated to a belief in divine inspiration, the inerrancy of the Bible, and the importance of doctrines long-held inviolate. Aligned against them were the modernists, anxious to increase the church’s impact in the world by applying biblical principles to a rapidly changing society. Each side shared a firm conviction that their assumptions about truth were the only ones that made sense in understanding the world around them. Adventists were especially worried that all they loved and believed in was under threat: the Sabbath, Creation, and even the inspiration of Ellen White.
This book traces the battle lines that formed quickly in the aftermath of the 1919 Bible Conference. In the early 1920s, these issues reached a feverish pitch through articles, sermons, and meetings that kept passions aflame. All of this culminated at the 1922 General Conference Session, which marked the end of A. G. Daniells’ presidency, and was one of the most controversial in Adventist history. Even though the lights have gone out on Adventist fundamentalism, and most Adventists don’t think in those terms today, that phase of our Adventist past continues to impact us. Although times have changed, the issues remain as relevant as ever.


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