Kids Experiencing God at Home: Kids Activity Book

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Kids Experiencing God at Home - Kids Activity Book is a set of nine booklets that are packed with games, puzzles, and activities to engage kids in discovering how they can experience God in their everyday lives. Each week kids take their booklet home to complete assignments on their own, or with parents. In class, kids utilize a decoder wheel to crack the code of each session’s study. Experiencing God at Home, Kids Edition shows kids how they can discover and join God in His work. The study is based on the writings of Henry Blackaby and the seven realities of Experiencing God.

Topics include:

Overview of Experiencing God; Explore the seven realities of Experiencing God
God is always at work around me
God wants a personal relationship with me
God wants me to be a part of His work
God will show me His plan and purpose for my life
I can choose to join God in His work
I must be willing to make changes in my life to follow God’s plan
I can know God more by obeying Him and letting Him work in my life
Recap of the study (optional session)
Set Includes nine booklets filled with:

At-home assignments

Grades 1-6
Large group/small group format
Session length 60-75 minutes
Authors: Kim Blackaby and Rick Osborne

Kids Experiencing God at Home: Kids Activity Book

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  • Forfatter: Blackaby, Kim
  • Sideantall: 108
  • Innbinding: Osborne, Rick
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Utgivelsesår: 2013
  • Produsent: Lifeway Christian Resources
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